UNGM NO: 613759  |  NCAGE NO: SGGU2  |  DUNS TRACKING ID NO: 2188825  |  SIC CODE: 7389

Infinite Grace

Grace to Glory is a Market Place Ministry. We understand the fundamentals of restoring the curse of not honoring God with our first fruits. This is a priestly calling ensuring church growth by doing business, obtaining shareholding or donations from companies in the marketplace and channelling it to the avenues in which Lord Jesus Christ instructed us to do.

The task of the priestly calling is as follows:

  • Spread the Gospel of good news
  • Feed the poor
  • Take care of the widows and orphans
  • Pray for the sick
  • Take care of the aged

Ensure Biblical principles be followed in all spheres of society and that the income derived from tithing and donations is managed with integrity.

Gods Infinite Grace to humanity if acknowledged will prepare us for eternal Glory.

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