UNGM NO: 613759  |  NCAGE NO: SGGU2  |  DUNS TRACKING ID NO: 2188825  |  SIC CODE: 7389

Our Partner Values

All PDP Foundation activity and its partners will be governed by the core foundational principles of –

  1. Righteousness
  2. Justice
  3. Trust
  4. Love

These foundational principles will form the basis of adherence and accountability to -

  1. The values of honour, respect and dignity of all people as we acknowledge that all people are created in the image of God and it is God’s desire that all should be provided for.
  2. Open Book Business (total transparency, openness and full disclosure) in all work
  3. Code of Values and Ethics
  4. Value people more than money and to always seek the best for people before financial profit
  5. Treasure relationships and always seek to create mutual value and mutual reward in all transactions
  6. Prioritize being a source of blessing to others and and a channel to make a difference in helping those who are less fortunate (the poor, widows, orphans and the helpless).
  7. Honour God in everything we do.

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