The United Kingdoms of Africa (UKA) is a non-political, social development advocacy platform which functions in support of Presidency and National Government, institutions and peoples to support the National Development Plans. The United Kingdoms of Africa pledge to...

Promote Traditional Leadership Development

By taking the lead in improving multi-faceted governance issues and local leadership programs to promote social justice, morality, integrity, trust and solidarity on the continent by developing a leadership style that puts community before self.

Promote Peace and Stability

By establishing and strengthening mechanisms for the timely prevention and resolution of conflicts and to adopt a policy of zero tolerance against violence and to reach a common commitment for inter-community conflict management.

Promote Access to Basic Healthcare

By creating a platform for coordinated heath care offerings that are, essential and affordable for the communities especially in rural areas. These objectives will be achieved through coordinating projects between, private sector, donors and local government.

Promote Food and Water Security

By ensuring support for inclusive efforts by private sector, local government and donors, that will enable our communities to have affordable access to sufficient, safe and nutritious foods, sustainable food production and efficient and clean water resources.

Promote Investment Climate Support

By assisting with the improvement of the investment climate for domestic and foreign investors through community advocacy and education programs that will highlight the inclusive benefits of such investments to gain community participation.

Promote Basic Education, Youth Development and Skills Transfer via Technology

By supporting efforts that enhance the application of various information and communication technologies that ultimately improves the way that information is applied, absorbed and processed to expand levels of literacy and education and ICT business opportunities for our people.

Promote Gender Equality

By putting resources and skills into the hands of women whilst promoting gender equality, expanding opportunities for women in public works, agriculture, finance and all other sectors that will ultimately accelerate economic and social development.

Promote inclusive Exploration of Mineral and Natural Resources

By engaging with foreign and local investors on the continent to ensure that local economic development programs are properly formulated and communicated to ensure community participation and long term support for this very important sector.

Create a Technology Based Communication Platform between stakeholders and our communities

By establishing a technology platform through which stakeholders can communicate with our communities including mechanisms for the African Diaspora to connect with their relatives and friends and leverage international partnerships to further uplift them on the African continent.

Preservation of Tradition, Culture and Heritage

By engendering consciousness about the importance of African identity with the emphasis to uphold healthy African culture and heritage. By the promotion of tourism, contemporary art and cultural heritage through innovative and inclusive programs and partnerships.


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